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Introducing Our Exceptional Wood Burning Stoves:

Future-Proofed, Efficient, and Exquisite


Saltfire stoves


 Peanut stoves


Pellet stoves


MCZ stoves

Discover the future of wood burning with MTL Wood Burning Stoves.


Our stoves incorporate the latest advancements in clean-burning, high-efficiency technology.


Designed for ease of use and maintenance, our stoves offer precise control over flame intensity, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance in your space. With a variety of sizes and output options available, you can find the ideal stove to meet your heating needs. Built with durable cast iron construction, our stoves provide exceptional heat retention and longevity.


They also meet Eco-design/ERP standards for clean burn and future-proofing. Installation and cleaning are a breeze, making our stoves installer-friendly and easy to maintain.


Experience the pinnacle of wood stove excellence with MTL Wood Burning Stoves.


Contact us today to explore our exceptional range.

Discover the epitome of wood burning stove technology with our remarkable selection. We take pride in offering you a range of stoves that surpass industry standards and deliver an exceptional heating experience for your home.


Let us introduce you to the outstanding features that set our stoves apart:

  • Ecodesign 2022 (Future Proofed)

  • 5 year Warranty

  • DEFRA Exempt - Approved for Smoke Control Areas

  • High Efficiency, Ultra Clean Burning

  • All have a large viewing window

  • Super Air-Wash System for Crystal Clear Views of the Fire

  • Full Cast Iron Construction

  • External Access to Ash Pan for Clean easy Ash removal

  • Can use 5" (125mm) Flue System all the way

  • Can be used with Top of Rear Flye Outlet

  • Suitable for use on a 12mm hearth

Ecodesign 2022 (Future Proofed):

Our stoves are designed with the future in mind, meeting and exceeding the stringent Ecodesign 2022 requirements. With a forward-thinking approach, we ensure that our stoves are environmentally friendly and ready to tackle future regulations.

5-Year Warranty:We stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our stoves, which is why we offer an extensive 5-year warranty. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that your investment is protected and that we are committed to your satisfaction.

DEFRA Exempt - Approved for Smoke Control Areas: 

Living in a smoke control area? No problem. Our stoves are DEFRA exempt, meaning they are approved for use in smoke control areas. Embrace the convenience and freedom to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a wood burning stove, regardless of your location.


High Efficiency, Ultra Clean Burning:

Experience the pinnacle of efficiency with our stoves. With their high-efficiency design and ultra-clean burning capabilities, they provide optimal heat output while minimizing emissions. Stay warm while minimizing your environmental impact.

Large Viewing Window:

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of the dancing flames with our stoves. Each model features a large viewing window, allowing you to enjoy an unobstructed view of the enchanting fire within.

Super Air-Wash System: 

Our stoves are equipped with a state-of-the-art Super Air-Wash System, ensuring crystal-clear views of the fire. Say goodbye to soot and ash build-up on the glass, as this innovative feature keeps your viewing window pristine.

Full Cast Iron Construction: Crafted with precision and durability in mind, our stoves feature full cast iron construction. This not only enhances their aesthetic appeal but also guarantees long-lasting performance and exceptional heat retention.

External Access to Ash Pan: 

Keeping your stove clean has never been easier. With external access to the ash pan, you can effortlessly remove ash, ensuring a clean and hassle-free maintenance experience.

Versatile Flue System:

Our stoves offer versatility in installation with the ability to use a 5" (125mm) flue system all the way. This flexibility allows for convenient integration into various home setups.

Top or Rear Flye Outlet:

Choose the installation option that suits your needs best. Our stoves can be used with either a top or rear flye outlet, providing you with flexibility and ease of installation.

Suitable for 12mm Hearth:

 We understand the importance of safety and compliance. Our stoves are suitable for use on a 12mm hearth, providing you with a reliable and secure foundation for your wood burning stove.

Experience the unparalleled combination of innovation, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal that our wood burning stoves offer. Embrace the future-proofed technology, peace of mind with our warranty, and the freedom to enjoy the warmth and beauty of a wood burning stove wherever you are.


Contact us today and let us help you find the perfect stove to transform your home.


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